A Neo-Christian community based on the mystery of the incarnation, life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ & the teachings of his most devoted follower Mary Magdalene.


The foundational teaching and belief of our practice is love as Mary and Jesus reveal it to us in both the Canonical Bible and "Gnostic" Gospels.


We also believe truth is found in our own personal experiences of Jesus and Mary. We believe that God is mystery, and it is good and joyful to explore that mystery and spiritual life together in community as well as affirming our individual search for meaning.

In our gatherings we practice meditation, prayer, sacraments, ritual, and more.  We discuss a spiritual, mystical, or metaphysical topic and explore it together. 

We welcome diverse interpretation of the scriptures and spiritual life,

and we are universalist in our understanding of the Divine and fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ people.